AI-Powered Phone Assistant for Automotive

Zekyaa is an Artificial Intelligence-powered Digital Phone Assistant for Dealerships that instantly answers customers 24/7. It can book service, answer FAQs, intelligently forward calls, and satisfy customers.

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24/7 Digital Front-Desk for Dealerships

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Book or change appointments

Zekyaa helps customers book or change service appointments in under 2 minutes. It can send appointment reminders that reduce no-shows.

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Provide vehicle status

Offer customers real-time updates on their vehicle service status, delivering instant, transparent communication.

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Intelligently forward calls

Enhance operational efficiency and customer satisfaction by intelligently forwarding calls to parts, sales, roadside, or service departments.

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Answer FAQs

Zekyaa automatically answers frequently asked questions, such as opening hours and warranty details.

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Deflect scam/sales calls

Automatically deflects sales and scam calls, maintaining a clear line for genuine customer interactions and inquiries. Save yourself

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Capture leads

Transform every call into a potential lead with our system’s ability to intelligently identify and capture customer information.

Personalized customer experience

Seamless experience

Zekyaa immediately answers simultaneous calls ensuring every service customer is served. It can detect customers using their mobile number or vehicle registration to provide a seamless service experience seamlessly. It is integrated with DMS to confirm bookings.

Improve BDC and Advisor efficiency

Zekyaa optimizes call handling for fixed operations efficiently managing inquiries and booking more test drives. Its prompt response and scheduling capabilities ensure potential buyers are quickly converted into test drive appointments, boosting sales opportunities.

the future of dealership customer experience

Real ROI for Dealers

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Increase ROs

Service centers miss 20% of the inbound calls on average. That’s a lot of missed revenue. Zekyaa increases ROs by turning calls into appointments.

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Reduce operational cost

Cut down operational costs by automating call management, reducing the need for extensive staffing and enhancing overall business efficiency.

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Improve CSI

Boost customer satisfaction and accumulate more 5-star reviews. Offer instant personalized customer experience out serving competitors.

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Enhance Productivity

Leverage AI to maximize productivity and focus on essential tasks, while your AI assistant efficiently manages incoming communications.

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Unlock New Insights

Analyze trends, preferences, and feedback to improve dealership offerings ensuring you are on top with customer experience.

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Scale support

Scale support without the need to increase headcount, through intelligent automation of call management and customer engagement.

Who can use Zekyaa?

Dealer Groups

Dealer Groups can utilize our AI Phone Answering System to efficiently manage operations across sales, servicing, and Aftermarket. Capture more leads, book more test drives, and increase sales with AI.

Single Roof Dealership

Individual local dealer groups can operate more efficiently ensuring prompt handling of customer inquiries and sales calls. This leads to enhanced focus on core business activities and superior customer service, driving improved performance and productivity.


OEMs can significantly improve their brand reputation and customer loyalty by leveraging conversational AI. This platform ensures consistent, high-quality customer interactions across all dealerships, reflecting positively on the OEM.


Frequently asked questions

What is Zekyaa?

Zekyaa is an Artificial Intelligence voice assistant personalized for automotive dealerships. It helps dealers fully automate and improve customer support.

How can Zekyaa make money for my dealership?

Zekyaa works 24/7, 365 ensuring every call is instantly answered. It captures every lead and improves customer experience ensuring high retention.

Can Zekyaa answer calls besides service?

Yes. Zekyaa can intelligently forward calls to the right team, answer sales questions, and more. It can replace your IVR tree

What happens when Zekyaa can’t answer?

Zekyaa immediately forwards the call to your team if it cannot answer and if the call made during opening hours. For off-hour calls, Zekyaa captures customer’s requests and forwards it to the team via email.

How long does the setup take?

Zekyaa is a straightforward setup that can be completed in the same day and pushed live. No additional hardware is required.

Does my team need additional training?

Nope. Your staff doesn’t need any additional training or equipments. It’s simple and non-disruptive to deploy in your dealerships.

Does it integrate with my DMS/service scheduler?

Currently it doesn’t. We are in the process of integrating with major DMS and service booking systems. Integrations will make Zekyaa as capable as a well-trained human service advisors or sales consultants.

How can Zekyaa save money for my dealership?

Zekyaa automates upto 90% of customer support enabling dealers to reduce cost scaling with AI. It saves hours of work making sure service advisors and sales consultants can prioritize their work.

What if my customers don’t want to speak to AI?

Zekyaa immediately forwards the call to your team for business hour calls. For off-hours, Zekyaa captures customer’s requests and forwards it to the team via email.

What happens to our current number?

We provide you with a new number. Or you can choose to port and use your existing number.

What does the contract look like?

Zekyaa offers $1 minute call charged on a month-to-month basis. You only pay for the call answered. We offer a straight-forward cancellation policy with a 30 day notice.

Does Zekyaa provide reports?

Yes. Zekyaa can automatically send you powerful insights from customer calls that can help your team to deeply understand your customers.

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