AI Phone Answering Assistant for Restaurants

Elevate your restaurant’s customer service with Zekyaa AI. This Phone Answering System efficiently manages reservations and inquiries, enhancing customer experiences and staff productivity, ensuring seamless operations even during peak hours

Boost Sales

Perfect for restaurants, our AI Phone Answering System manages reservations and inquiries, capturing more diners and reducing missed opportunities, leading to increased revenue and improved customer satisfaction.

Free Up Staff Time

Zekyaa AI’s Phone Answering System automates call handling for restaurants, allowing staff to focus on in-house customer service and operational efficiency, enhancing the dining experience and productivity.”

Reduce Operational Cost

Streamline call management minimizing the need for dedicated phone staff and cutting down on labour expenses, while maintaining high-quality customer interactions.

AI phone answering for restaurants

100% Call Answer Rate

Our AI Phone Answering System guarantees that every customer call is answered, ensuring no missed reservations or inquiries. This consistent responsiveness not only maximizes business opportunities by capturing every potential diner but also significantly enhances customer satisfaction by providing reliable and immediate interaction, essential for the fast-paced restaurant industry.

Enhance Operations with AI Call Analytics

Zekyaa AI provides restaurants with crucial insights from call data, enabling optimized marketing, efficient staff scheduling, and improved customer service. Understand customer trends and manage peak times more effectively with this valuable analytics tool.

AI analytics for restaurants

Who can use Zekyaa?


Restaurants can leverage Zekyaa AI to transform their customer service and operational efficiency. The system adeptly manages phone calls for reservations, inquiries, and customer feedback.

Hospitality Groups

Hospitality groups can utilize Zekyaa AI to streamline communication across various properties, ensuring consistent and efficient handling of customer calls.

Pubs and Bars

Pubs and bars can utilize Zekyaa AI to enhance customer engagement and streamline operations. This advanced system efficiently handles calls for bookings, event inquiries, and general questions, freeing up staff.

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