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Robust and scalable human-like AI-powered voice assistants

Intuitive conversational experience

Provide seamless customer service on a large scale using a chat platform that enables your customers to communicate in a natural way, interrupt, switch subjects, and consistently enjoy an excellent customer experience.

workflow integration

Seamlessly plug into your existing technology stack


Frequently asked questions

How does it fit with our contact center workflow?

Currently, calls are forwarded to the voice assistants through PTSN or SIN. We’re working to integrate with most modern phone systems via the marketplace apps such as Ring Central, Dialpad, etc. Custom API integrations are also available.

How does the assistant forward call to our agents?

If the assistant cannot answer the requested query or if the customer wants to talk to a human, the assistant can intelligently route call to the specific agent based on customized setup.

Do my staff require additional training?

No. As we seamlessly integrate with your current workflow, your staff doesn’t require any additional training.

Is my data secure?

Our conversational voice assistant system prioritizes stringent security and privacy measures. It employs robust encryption and adheres to global privacy standards, ensuring that all customer interactions are securely processed and sensitive data is protected, enabling us to deliver superior customer experiences while maintaining the highest standards of data protection.

Can voice assistants automate complex tasks?

Unless your database has an API for the required data to be requested, yes it can be automated. For example: If a customer is requesting information that is available in your CRM and the CRM provides an API for that data, then the assistant can automate it.

How long does the setup take?

Normally it takes 6 weeks to integrate and deploy the voice assistant. We thoroughly understand your requirements, train on your data, and try to seamlessly integrate in your current workflow with minimal disruption.

Can the assistant deployed in other channels?

Yes. Once the assistant is trained with different workflows for your business, it can be deployed in text, website chat, emails, and more. Custom channel integrations can also be done for additional costs.

Can the assistant learn new information?

Our conversational voice assistant is designed for easy enhancement and learning through simple training and integration processes. Leveraging the Retriever-Augmented Generation (RAG) technique, it can dynamically incorporate new information into its responses. RAG combines the power of a vast knowledge database with sophisticated neural network models to retrieve relevant information and generate coherent, contextually appropriate responses. This means that as your business evolves or new customer inquiries emerge, the assistant can be quickly updated to reflect these changes, ensuring that it remains a cutting-edge tool for customer interaction, without the need for complex reprogramming or extensive manual updates.

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