Improving Contact Centre Efficiency using Conversational AI Voice Assistants

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Dive into the future of customer service using conversational AI voice assistants. Delve into how advanced language models and human-like synthetic voices are transforming customer interactions, streamlining resolutions, and elevating service standards for unmatched efficiency in today’s dynamic business landscape.

This webinar will cover 3 main topics around how the current conversational AI voice assistants can help contact centres:

1. Understand the capabilities and limitations of the current technology
2. Improve Call-centric metrics and KPIs
3. Enhance efficiency and cost savings

Who is it for?

  • Head/President/VP/Manager of Customer Support and Service
  • Head/President/VP/Manager of Contact Center
  • Head/President/VP/Manager of Call Center
  • Head/President/VP/Manager of Customer Experience


Time – 1:00 pm to 3:00 pm
Date– 13th April, 2024
Where– Online

Post-webinar learning

At the end of this webinar, attendees will learn:

1. Capabilities and limitations of the current voice AI technology
2. Potential ROI and benefits
3. Prospective savings and efficiency


Kushal Magar

CEO and co-founder

Puneet Grover

CTO and co-founder

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